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Save Ukraine Rescue Network coordinates dozens of lifesavers: organizations, volunteers, individuals and legal entities to save children and families affected by war
supported by USAID
Comprehensive approach how to Save Ukraine
Evacuation from combat zones
24/7 Hotline
Returning abducted children from RF
Emergency assistance
10 transitional Hubs
Mental health recovery
Elderly Care Home
2 Hope and Healing Centers
Sexual Abuse Survivors Center
Modular housing for displaced families with children
  • Saving children
  • Strengthening families
  • Empowering communities
14 Community Centers
31 operators coordinate evacuations and provide legal and psychological support.

98 780+ applications processed
325+ calls per day
supported by USAID
83 000+ children and their families rescued
60 vehicles (armored cars,
ambulances, etc.)
12 rescue teams
Evacuation from combat zoneS
Places where evacuees can rest, get emergency assistance, and temporary housing.
10 hubs all over Ukraine
300+ volunteers involved
10 transitional Hubs
Identifying abducted children and their whereabouts;
Helping children and their families recover their psychological and physical health.
Missions consist of 4 stages:
Returning abducted children from RF
RESCUE missions
Retruvning children back to Ukraine;
Documenting children's cases and filing them to local and international courts;
Live-in rehabilitation facility for families with children who suffered from war.

2 centers can accommodate
400+ children and families.
3 months of psychological, physical, and social rehabilitation.

After the initial rehabilitation, the families continue to receive support for 9 more months.
2 Hope and Healing Centers
Place where adults and children who suffered sexual violence at the hands of the russian army can heal and recover.

Survivors benefit from psychotherapy, legal assistance, and temporary housing if needed.
Sexual Abuse Survivors Center
Project aimed to provide emergency care to vulnerable elderly who have been abandoned in the frontline or
de-occupied territories.

The evacuated elderly are provided with legal, psychological, and medical aid and temporary housing where they can stay until they are found long-term governmental housing.
Elderly Care Home
Your gift for a child affected by the war
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A daytime support model that enables, teaches, and empowers families with children to build happy lives in dignity.

Community Centers’ goals are to help children develop and learn restore and strengthen families shape a capable and conscious generation.

50+ families with children
can attend 1 Center per month
14 Centers operate in Ukraine
50+ Centers are to be opened in 2023
Community Centers
Provides new modular houses to vulnerable children and families.

80 already installed
55 families have already moved in
120 are to be installed by 2023
12 months families are receiving housing, medical, psychological, legal and basic needs support
FortHome Program
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