Virtually every Ukrainian child has been affected by russia’s full-scale invasion. The war has caused huge educational losses, uprooted and displaced families and subjected children to physical Learn more
Returning deported children from russia
Save Ukraine is the only public organization in Ukraine that regularly organizes and successfully conducts Rescue Missions to return Ukrainian children. Learn more
Main stages of returning deported Ukrainian children
Identifying abducted children and their whereabouts;
It takes over a month to prepare for a single special operation after discovering the deportation fact until the mothers depart Ukraine to retrieve their children.
Returning children back to Ukraine;
Documenting children's cases and filing them to local and international courts by 3 teams of lawyers;
Helping children and their families recover their psychological and physical health.
Media about us
See Ukrainian children released from Russia's alleged 're-education' camps
CNN's David McKenzie investigates the stories behind a new report from Yale University that describes Ukrainian parents fighting to get their children out of purported Russian "re-education" camps.
Missing Ukrainian Girl Rescued From Russian Re-Education Camp
KYIV, Ukraine — Tetiana Vlaiko feels like an idiot. She is ashamed to speak to WhoWhatWhy about how the Russians took her 11-year-old daughter Lilia to Russian-occupied Crimea. She says that last...
Ukraine War: How Russia ‘stole’ Ukrainian children
The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Russian president Vladimir Putin over alleged war crimes in Ukraine. The court said the move was in relation to claims Moscow deported...
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Comprehensive approach how to Save Ukraine
Evacuation from combat zones
24/7 Hotline
Returning abducted children from russia
Emergency assistance
10 transitional Hubs
Temporary housing, food, mental health recovery family services
1⠀for abandoned elderly
104 Modular houses
for displaced families with children who lost their home
Community Centers
for children and families
5⠀Hope and Healing Centers
3⠀for IDP families
with children
1⠀for sexual abuse survivors
Trauma therapy
Family services
Join us in raising funds for rescue operations
Child deportations have no place in a civilized world. Your donation can return abducted Ukrainian children home!
31 operators coordinate evacuations and provide legal and psychological support.

147 630+ applications processed
325+ calls per day
supported by USAID
102 400+ children and their families rescued
60 vehicles (armored cars,
ambulances, etc.)
12 rescue teams
Evacuation from combat zoneS
Places where evacuees can rest, get emergency assistance, and temporary housing.
10 hubs all over Ukraine
300+ volunteers involved
10 transitional Hubs
3-month live-in recovery program for families and children who suffered from war providing housing, food, family services, and psychosocial support.

3 Centers for the 520+ evacuated
families with children
1 Center for the sexual abuse survivors
1 Center for the abandoned elderly

After the initial trauma recovery program the family receive: long term housing, financial support, integration in local community.
5 Hope and Healing Centers
Provides new modular houses
to vulnerable children and families.

104 already installed in local communities
for 12 months families are receiving housing, medical, psychological,
legal and basic needs support

Goal for 2023:
Installation of 120 additional
Goal for 2023:
To launch 50+ aditonal centers
That provide:
Community centers
for children and families
15+ are opened
3000+ children per month

750+ parents per month
Family services
Trauma therapy
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