Our team
We provide evacuation, humanitarian aid, and housing to families and children in war zones.
  • Mykola Kuleba
    Ombudsman for Children with the President of Ukraine (2014-2021)
    CEO of “Save Ukraine”
  • Oleksiy Fedchenko
    Founder of “Save Ukraine”
  • Myroslava Kharchenko
  • Olena Bezreka
    Head of the hotline. Project Manager
  • Albina Golik

    International Partnership Manager
  • Anna Mnishchenko

    International Partnership Manager
  • Dmytro Lisovsky

  • Korniichuk Iryna
    SMM manager
  • Alona Kyslytska
    SMM manager
  • Ruslana Chumakova
    Communication manager Save Ukraine
  • Alona Tonkonih
    Hotline coordinator
from hotspots
Every day we are conducting special operations, evacuating people from hotspots of Ukraine
What we are doing
We are “Save Ukraine” - a charitable fund that is coordinating tens of organizations, volunteers, individuals and legal entities to help internally displaced persons
support for people
We are finding temporary housing in Poland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, helping with food, medicines, and clothing.
About us and our mission
The Save Ukraine MAC recommended by the United Nations for funding by international partners.

The Save Ukraine Center for Mutual Assistance began its work in the summer of 2014. The center was established as a platform for coordinating the activities and interaction of charitable organizations, volunteers, Christian churches and other organizations that provide assistance in frontline cities in eastern Ukraine to the most vulnerable and vulnerable segments of the population. Particular attention is paid to working with families and children who find themselves in difficult life circumstances.

Today, the Mutual Aid Center covers the entire buffer zone along the demarcation line in eastern Ukraine, with volunteer assistance centers in 27 settlements.
Since its inception, the Center has focused on evacuating the population from the war zone, as well as on the distribution of food and non-food hygiene kits, baby food kits, clothing, footwear, medicines, fuels and stoves among the residents of the buffer zone. especially in a difficult situation, having no means of subsistence. At the same time, with the help of volunteers, representatives of Christian churches and caring partners, work was carried out to restore private and multi-storey residential buildings, as well as some buildings of children’s institutions.

Since 2015, the main direction of the Center’s work has been to ensure the realization of children’s rights, protection and support of families with children. To this end, together with our partners, we organized recreation and rehabilitation of children both in the resorts of Ukraine and abroad, provided the needs for school office kits; Christmas and Easter children’s holidays are also held on a regular basis in the settlements of the buffer zone.

Today, the Center for Mutual Assistance, in cooperation with donors and international partners, is actively working in existing areas, while creating and developing new projects aimed at meeting the basic needs of children, namely the right to grow up and protect children in order to prevent such phenomena such as orphanhood, social orphanhood, removal of children from families, homelessness and domestic violence.

The Save Ukraine Mutual Assistance Center has been recognized by the United Nations and included in the Humanitarian Response Plan for 2016, 2017 and 2018 as a member organization recommended by the United Nations for funding by international partners.

International media about us
Save Ukraine collaborates with the media around the world, providing expert information on assistance to internally displaced persons
    Charitable Foundation, which coordinates dozens of organizations, volunteers, individuals and legal entities to help internally displaced persons
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