Community center in Korostyshiv
Community center in Korostyshiv, Zhytomyr region, began its operations in November 2022 and continues to this day.
Information about the center
Korostyshiv, Zhytomyr region
Monday to Friday from 09:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Daily number of children:
Operating hours:
Services at the community center:
For children:
• Hot meals
• Medical check-ups
• Intellectual and emotional development
• Trauma healing
• Assistance with education
• Life skills training

For families:
• Psychosocial support
• Positive parenting skills
• Restoration of family relationships
• Humanitarian aid
• Employment assistance
• Legal support
The child's story:
Name: Ira
Age: 8 years
Status: -
The names are fictional, but the ages are approximate. For the protection of the children and confidentiality, we do not include photos.

Ira is a child who requires constant assistance with homework. It is important to provide continuous communication and encourage her participation in interactions with peers. She is a semi-orphan.
At our Community Center, we provide ongoing support in preparing homework and assist Ira whenever necessary. We also focus on nurturing her creative and intellectual abilities through various exercises, competitions, and hands-on craft-making. We also work on developing tolerance, willpower, and communication skills with peers and adults, considering that Ira is hyperactive.
Ira is a highly intelligent and active girl. She quickly grasps new concepts and achieves positive results in her studies. Specifically, she has made significant progress in learning English and mathematics since joining the center.
With each passing day, Ira continues to improve her emotional control. She has learned to acknowledge her mistakes and apologize when necessary. She effectively communicates with her peers and demonstrates a willingness to find compromises. Ira has a strong competitive spirit and always strives to be the first in various activities. Her active participation is an integral part of the Community Center's activities.
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