Education and Empowerment Community Center
Virtually every Ukrainian child has been affected by russia’s full-scale invasion. The war has caused huge educational losses, uprooted and displaced families and subjected children to physical endangerment, trauma and even deportation. Presently, there is no organization (governmental or non-governmental) who is proposing a comprehensive, nation-wide educational and social services program to address the urgent needs of Ukraine’s most vulnerable - its children and at-risk families.
We aim to not just mitigate the impact of war on Ukraine’s most vulnerable children and families, but to help them thrive with our Education and Empowerment Community Center. Embedded in local communities, Save Ukraine Foundation’s Education and Empowerment Community Center will become the foundation for a nation-wide family, education, and social support system all under one roof. Starting with 200 Education and Empowerment Community Centers will allow this model to be integrated into the system of providing services to war victims and serve as the template that will scale to a nation-wide program in 3 to 5 years. Our long-term vision is to build 2,000 centers serving 1 million children and their families across Ukraine.
Comprehensive approach how to Save Ukraine
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About Save Ukraine Foundation
Save Ukraine Foundation is the largest family-focused humanitarian aid organization in Ukraine.

Established in 2014, Save Ukraine Foundation's mission is to protect children and families affected by war. Our activities focus on helping the most vulnerable Ukrainians: orphans, children with disabilities, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and victims of violence.

We evacuate families from the frontlines and territories temporarily occupied by russia, and we are the only aid organization that regularly organizes rescue missions to return forcibly-deported children to Ukraine. Save Ukraine Foundation unites dozens of organizations and hundreds of volunteers to help those affected by war and restore their lives.
Impact of war on Ukrainian children
2022 - 7.1 million children (the entire child population) have been affected:
1.3 million children are located in temporarily occupied territories or have been taken by russians. They are subjected to ongoing indoctrination, re-education and intimidation to instill hatred towards Ukraine.
1.5 million refugees living abroad. Separated from their loved ones, they have lost their homes, friends, schools, and the familiarity of their daily lives.
Deprived of regular access to education: 32% - in cities, 46% - in villages.
4.3 million stay in Ukraine. Many have lost their homes and relatives, survived missile strikes, hid in basements, suffered psychological trauma and physical health issues. For 1.5 years now, families have been living in a state of war, confronting constant challenges every day.
They are considered extremely disadvantaged due to the lack of access to food, clean water, hygiene, clothing, medical care, and education
Our Work to Meet Children’s Most Urgent Needs
Project Scope – Education and Empowerment Community Centers
We cannot lose a generation of Ukrainian children, it is critical to protect their right to education, health, and safety – their right to a childhood. Help us stand in the gap for children today and for years to come.
Charitable Foundation, which coordinates dozens of organizations, volunteers, individuals and legal entities to help internally displaced persons
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