"Grad" broke out not far from my son

"A "grad" broke out not far from my 12-year-old son, he stopped because of fear and could not even move, I grabbed him by the backpack and pulled him to run," said with horror 32-year-old Olga from Vasylivka, a mother of two children.

Her youngest son, 5-year-old Artur, cannot walk on his own because he has problems with his legs. Therefore, during each shelling, Olga with her son in her arms ran to the neighbors' basement, because the family did not have one of their own.

One such time, while going down to the storage room, a woman fell down the stairs and injured her back. And little Arthur, despite the fact that he cannot walk, often reassured his mother with a caring word: "don't worry, mother, everything will be fine."

Sitting in the basement for three days, Olga got sick because she covered her sons with all the blankets. So the family protected each other. And Olga's husband, Maksym, also worried about blind neighbors - he helped them hide from shelling.

Ms. Olga remembers how they would return home at night and read the "The Lord's prayer" all the way so that they wouldn't be shot by russian soldiers. She is convinced that God protected them all the time.

Our partner hub in Zaporizhzhia "Christ is the answer" took care of the family: they provided a temporary overnight stay in the hub and found shelter in Kyiv, where the family was later sent. Now the children are safe, and little Arthur is receiving proper treatment.

Olga's big dream is for her son to be able to walk and one day run to her with healthy legs and say "Mom, I'm here."