The dog gave birth right at the checkpoint during the evacuation

Valentina Stepanivna and her three-year-old dog Rita are being evacuated from Slovyansk for the second time. For the first time - the woman couldn't stand the separation from home and returned.

However, the situation in the city became more and more dangerous. Pregnant Rita whimpered and hid from the explosions, so her mistress firmly decided to leave the city.

The night before the evacuation, due to loud "arrivals", Rita went into premature labor: the girl gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies. In the morning, Ms. Valentina and her canine family left hot Slovyansk, when something unexpected happened on the way.

Right on the block-post in the hands of the owner, Rita gave birth to another, the sixth, puppy! In addition, it is not like the others - it's ruddy like her mother. Rita carefully took care of her little ones, and 85-year-old Mrs. Valentina was only happy - this active woman drove a team in the north when she was young.

Now this wonderful family has temporarily stayed in Zaporizhzhia, where it receives help from our partner hub.

Unfortunately, Rita caught an infection on the way and had to undergo surgery... Thank God, the operation was done in time, otherwise the animal might not have been saved. Now Rita gets expensive injections every day.

We really want this beautiful family to do well. There are few such optimistic people as Mrs. Valentina ! And this good effort is definitely worth learning.