Evacuation. Bakhmut.

Evacuation. Bakhmut. One of the hottest spots defended by Ukrainian soldiers today. And our rescuers literally search for civilians in houses riddled with shelling and take them to safety to our partner hubs.

Brave volunteer "Save Ukraine" Andriy Kuzmin shared the situation from yesterday's evacuation. Among the constant "arrivals", a woman with a child flatly refused to leave because of the too expensive housing rent in safer regions of the country. The mother couldn't believe that the help of our team, including housing, is absolutely free...

It is very unfortunate that disbelief in the integrity of people forced this family to remain in danger, without any conditions for a normal existence...
On the other hand, this leads to thoughts about the percentage of citizens who, taking advantage of the situation, really raise the cost of housing for immigrants.

Today, profiting from the misfortune of others is a crime against humanity worthy of the "russian world". And the greatest victory over the enemy is not to become like him.

Friends, support each other. Share the good. Only this fills the soul with light and brings our common Victory closer, and with it - life in a worthy country.

We remind you that our large team evacuates Ukrainians, provides shelter, humanitarian aid, clothes and necessary things - free of charge!