A thousand school backpacks were handed over to displaced children!

This is the end of September 1 - such an important and always exciting day for all young Ukrainians. This year's Knowledge Day has gained precious importance for our country, and the usual trip to school has become a child's dream.

Today, a thousand displaced children in Zhytomyr region welcomed the school year with backpacks and starting school supplies, which our team handed over to the Volunteer Headquarters of Zhytomyr as part of the joint project "School Backpack"!

The first of September became a test for displaced families with children who lost their homes and property due to Russian aggression. After all, getting a child to school is not a cheap activity.

Therefore, we are very glad that we managed to help children arrive at school in full dress - with large backpacks for collecting knowledge!

Looking at these wonderful photos of children, you involuntarily forget about the terrible realities of the war in which we are - it is so nice to see the smiles on the faces of children on their first day of school.

Life definitely goes on and it goes on in our children.