Meet Vitaliy, a "Save Ukraine" volunteer

Meet Vitaliy, a "Save Ukraine" volunteer. You have more than once seen him in a photo on the president's official telegram channel.

With the start of a full-scale war, Vitaly sent his wife and children abroad, and the next day went to help in Kyiv, which was under siege. So Vitaly became a volunteer of "Save Ukraine". Since then, he has traveled to hotspots daily to evacuate families and children to safety.

We recently learned that Vitaly has a hobby - he catches and then releases fish. "We go fishing for an hour just to be distracted by thoughts and concentrate on what calms down" - this is how our volunteer explained why he releases the fish.

In the photo, Vitaly is holding a turtle, which he accidentally caught and carefully sent back to the lake. This love for the living, for people and animals, is present in every case that a man undertakes.

We are grateful to Vitaly for the extremely difficult work he does every day, risking his life. And we want you to see the faces of volunteers rescuing Ukrainians from war.