They drove into the yard in tanks, destroying everything in their path

"We were driving along a mined road, I looked out the car window and saw mines right next to our wheel" - these are the memories of 10-year-old Dmytro about how he and his family fled from their native village of Mykilske in Donetsk region.

One day, the boy's mother, Mrs. Olga, could not go to work at the hospital because of her aunt's funeral. Just then, on February 24, this hospital suffered a powerful air strike: there were many victims and victims.

Dmytro remembers how the rashists drove into his yard with tanks, destroying the fence on their way and their blooming garden. How tanks surrounded their house and the russians mined the garden and all the surrounding roads. How they broke the door in his house...

The boy and his family stayed in the basement for 38 days from the beginning of the war - without communication, electricity and gas. They cooked on a campfire and drank stagnant, rusty water from a barrel.

But the scariest thing, says Dmytro, was when we were sitting in the basement and shells were flying into our house. Loud, shooting everywhere. In total, there were 14 people in the small storage and a 1-year-old child who cried a lot from these sounds...

Before the war, the family had just built a new house - now both the new and the old house have been destroyed by rashists.

Some cosmic force helped the family leave the village along the mined road. Our volunteers from the Zaporizhia hub met them, provided shelter and all the necessary assistance, and then put them on an evacuation train to their relatives.

Despite what he has experienced, Dmytro dreams of returning home: rebuilding the house where he had happy memories and meeting his friends again.