With her daughter's blood on her shoes

On that day, April 8, there were thousands of people on the platform: mostly women with children and the elderly. And they all hoped for a train that would take them away from the war. Among them were Lyubov, her daughter Lilya and cat Sonya, who finally decided to evacuate due to the intensification of shelling in Bakhmut.

Lily was called by her son, a lieutenant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and she went further down the alley. Where the rocket will hit for a few minutes. Grandma was rejected by a shock wave.
"Despite the fact that fragments were flying around me, everything was burning, I jumped up and ran to my daughter shouting: Lily! But in response there was silence."

For a few days, Lyubov stood on the threshold of the Christian church - Dnieper Hub "Save Ukraine", where she was met by our volunteers. The grandmother's shoes still had her daughter's blood on them, which she never managed to wash. Lyubov asked to find her daughter, because it was in the Dnieper that the victims of the Kramatorsk shelling were taken.

Our volunteers sheltered Grandma, helped find Lily's body and organized a decent burial in the city. Instead of a plaque with a number, the brothers of the church installed a cross and a plaque with the name ... because everyone, everyone should be remembered.

On the day when the grandmother had to go to Vinnytsia, to her youngest daughter, cat Sonya ran away. Beloved by the whole family, this cat lived with them for 10 years and became a member of the family. Grief-stricken with another loss, Lyubov still left the city. But our volunteers still kept looking for Sonya.

We will tell you about the unexpected turn of this story and its end later.