"Every explosion threw him into a stupor"

Mother Natalia from the Zaporizhia region, barely holding back tears, tells how the war in the occupation affected her young son.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 10-year-old Ilya has been constantly thrown into a stupor of fear by each explosion. When the shells flew through their house, the boy froze in shock and did not understand that he needed to save himself.

Only recently, Ilya was able to control his fear and, hearing the shelling, ran for cover. Even a frightened dog always ran away to hide with his family. Subsequently, Ilya took a chair in advance and sat down near the basement, waiting for another attack by the rashists.

Natalya was indescribably worried about her son and decided to do anything to get out of the occupation in order to save his life and psyche. Although the traumatic consequences that the war caused her, unfortunately, cannot be corrected.

Volunteers from our partner hub in Zaporizhzhia, the "Christ is the Answer" church, met the mother and son and, as usual, provided them with shelter, food and the most caring attitude.

Natalya's dream is to return home, to her native land under the flag of Ukraine, and hug her parents, who remained in the occupied territory.