Help for families of IDPs: the Ulyatkovsky family

Friends, from now on we will share with you the stories of displaced families who found shelter and help in our Kyiv rehabilitation center!

We will talk not only about the period of survival of families in hot spots, but also about the difficulties faced by forcibly displaced Ukrainians and the changes that have occurred in their lives in our rebcenter.

In the photo - spouses Victoria and Oleg and their 7-month-old son. In total, the Ulyatkovsky family has three children - Yaroslav, Kyril and Danylo. The life of the family in the Kupyansk district of the Kharkiv region was friendly and full: they raised children, managed a large household and worked.

At the beginning of the full-scale war, the father of the family lost his job on the railway, due to rockets hitting the tracks. And Victoria worked in the yard from morning to evening due to the lack of electricity. At that time, the occupiers, drunk, fired from automatic weapons in peaceful streets.

Despite everything, the family didn't think of leaving the house and even bought a generator. However, after the long-awaited liberation of Kupyansk, the revenge of the rashists was not long in coming: they shelled schools, hospitals, and civilian homes.

"Dishes flew out of the cupboards and we flew out of the beds, almost every hour of the night. Bombs from airplanes were falling on neighboring yards," recalls Oleg's father at the beginning of October.
It got to the point that the children of the Ulyatkovskys were playing a game of who would find the biggest shard. That reality has become so mundane, if it is even possible.

The rescue team "Save Ukraine" evacuated the family to Kyiv from under shelling - that's how they ended up in our rehabilitation center. Here they were given shelter, provided with food and all possible support. For an exhausted family, who first got to the capital, this help proved invaluable.

However, in search of work, the IDP couple faced categorical refusals... Therefore, the family decided to immigrate to Germany, where their close relatives live. And we are currently helping them issue all the necessary documents for departure.