We launched a social project to help orphans!

We launched a social project to help orphans!

Friends, our team burst into January with two important projects that will help overcome the consequences of war for the most vulnerable of the population.

So, the first is the social project "Dopomoga poruch" - these are 12 educational centers for orphans in which young Ukrainians will be able to resume their studies according to the school curriculum, gain knowledge in their favorite fields and full social support from specialists!

We are able to implement this wonderful project thanks to the support of our partners WeAreAllUkrainians 🙌

Our centers are equipped with modern equipment, for example, tablets and an interactive floor - therefore, the education of children will be comfortable and interesting!

All tablets are loaded with interactive educational programs of the Ukrainian multimedia publishing house "Rozumniki", which are unique developments and recommended for use by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Each child can choose several courses and study in a group or individually with a tutor👩‍🏫

You can view the list of cities in which the centers are located, as well as educational directions, on the project website.

We are happy to help every little Ukrainian on the way to the future and will make this process as accessible, safe and exciting as possible!

Follow the news of the centers on our pages, because we will definitely have something to share ❤️