How to take care of fire safety during a blackout

In terms of power and heating shutdowns, Ukrainians use other sources of heat and light - generators, gas cylinders, stoves, etc.

We share tips on how to take care of fire safety and use devices of this type during a blackout without threat to health and life.

How to avoid fire threat when using alternative sources of light and heat

Basic rules of fire safety:

Buy a fire extinguisher. If you live in an apartment building, fire extinguishers should be in your entryway, preferably on each floor or at least on the highest floors of the building

Check if the emergency exits in your building are blocked (for high-rise buildings)

Install a fire alarm at home if you are able to. Place it in areas with the highest fire danger. These can be sensors that react to smoke, flame, or temperature rise.

Pay special attention to children: do not allow them to use electrical devices and be within open flames. Remind children of fire safety rules.

If you are at home during a power shutdown, unplug all electrical devices. This will help to avoid damage due to voltage drops, especially for heating equipment and electric stoves.

Buy a stabilizer that will help protect devices from voltage drops.