The grandfather walked home from Lviv to Kramatorsk

83-year-old Mykola lived in a village near Kramatorsk. When hostilities intensified, a rocket shell destroyed grandfather's house and he hid in an unfamiliar basement for several weeks. It turned out that the bruises on Mykola's face were the consequences of a phosphorus bomb explosion...

Then, in the interval between the shelling, grandfather ran for water and saw the Ukrainian military - they evacuated him to Lviv.

But when Mykola learned that all his relatives had moved from Lviv, he decided to return home. The grandfather used to get to Kramatorsk sometimes on foot, sometimes by hitchhiking. Exhausted from the road, he lost consciousness in the Dnipro, then our volunteers found him.

It turned out that the grandad has an older son, with whom they lost touch a long time ago. Mykola only knows his name and the city where his son once lived. All 2 weeks of his stay in the church, the grandfather was eager to go to Kramatorsk, then to Chernihiv, to see his son. So our volunteers decided to find Mykola's son and reunite the family.