"Why do we need the russian certificate?"

The mother Iryna worked during the occupation in the Covid department of the Kupyan hospital. Together with two children, the Chugunovy family survived for seven months under the total control of the russian invaders. Despite all the difficulties, the state budget of Ukraine paid salaries to all medical workers until August. After the liberation of Kharkiv region, the woman prepared her family for evacuation. The most difficult question: how to accommodate a 15-year-old son with a fictitious russian certificate for studies?

"Why didn't we take the russian certificate with us? Belohorod region, and the coat of arms of Kupyansk inside. Even in russia it won't be accepted. And why do we need it? What to do with it in Kharkiv? Let's order a Ukrainian one from the department."

Mrs. Iryna didn't allow her son Oleksiy to expose himself to danger at school after the winter vacation. Everyone in the city knew that they had to sign an agreement to fully switch to the russian language during the occupation. Avoiding conflicts with the self-proclaimed leadership, Iryna kept her son close to her until the end:

"That's why I didn't let my son go to school. They used to drive tanks, armored personnel carriers, and KAMAZ trucks on May Day, and we have a school nearby. How can he learn? It's scary, steep."

The last straw for leaving was when enemy shells hit the houses of Iryna's relatives: her cousin and mother. In addition, the school year began in September, and there is no Internet or communication. "Save Ukraine" volunteers came to the rescue and evacuated the family from the hot spot. Now it remains to get a real certificate of the Ukrainian model and to wish the Chugunovy family peace in a safer place.