A modular house for the Sverdun family from Bucha

Friends, we continue to introduce you to families who have already settled in our modular homes under the Fort Home program.

In the photo, the Sverdun family from Bucha: Ms. Halyna, her daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. The family witnessed the onslaught of the russians and their brutal actions in the first days of the war. Then, Ms. Halyna's son went to defend the city in the ranks of TRO, while women with two small boys were shaking in the basement from the roar of fighter jets and nearby explosions.

Already later, in the neighboring houses, a large number of victims of the rashists will be found with their hands and feet tied. Some acquaintances and friends of the Sverdun family could not be saved...

On February 25, the father of the family managed to take his relatives out of hell with incredible efforts. They saved themselves. However, soon the family learns that their house has been completely destroyed - an enemy shell hit the boys' room.

"The whole family cried after that news." Mrs. Halyna recalls with regret that her son and daughter-in-law have just finished renovating the kitchen, into which the couple invested so much love and effort.

In the summer, the Sverdun family returned to Bucha. Their street was almost destroyed by russian shelling, the neighboring houses were gutted, and the children still find the remains of shells and tanks in the yard. Despite this, little Artem admits that he is much better at home, even if there is no home.

Our team installed a modular home for the family for long-term housing. It has all the amenities for life: heating, water, equipped kitchen, bedrooms and shower room.

Now the Sverdun family will no longer have to live with their neighbors, because they have their own comfortable corner where they can recover from what they experienced and continue living with faith in tomorrow.

We thank all partners who help implement this project. Together we will be able to rebuild the lives of Ukrainian families!