The family from Lysychansk

The family from Lysychansk.

There are six of them together. In the photo - mother Victoria with two sons and a grandmother. The family was recently evacuated during the shelling at 5 am.

The youngest son's name is Ali, he is only 5 months old. After heavy shelling of the city in March, the child began to cry constantly and also had heart problems. The eldest son still stutters ...

It was the fear for the children that forced Victoria to get out of the city. They were in the basement almost all the time, and when they went outside under the bullets, they saw the ruins.

Our team met the family in Slovyansk and took it to Pokrovsk. One of the partner hubs "Save Ukraine" provided the family with all the necessary assistance: fed them, provided baby food, clothes and put a train.

Now the family is safe, and we are doing everything possible to find housing for them.

We believe that the emotional state of children will improve. But we understand that the aggression of the racists will leave a trauma in the hearts of thousands of children for life.

After the experience, Victoria urges everyone to evacuate at the first opportunity. The Save Ukraine team will help you with this. To do this, call:

0 800 333 129