They took the house, and 8 years later - the mother's life

Natalia and her two children from Lysychansk.

In 2014, the occupiers destroyed the house of Natalka's parents near Lysychansk. Then volunteers from Norway helped to rebuild the home and the elderly couple got a second attempt at a normal life.

Eight years later, the rashists returned again, and this time they took the life of Natalia's mother.

Against the background of hostilities, the old woman had serious problems with the pancreas. Volunteers evacuated grandma to a Lviv hospital, where doctors fought for her life for more than a month. All this time her husband was there. But
Natalie's mother died on May 14.

The woman with the children was still in Lysychansk in the terrible conditions of the war: among the explosions, looting, without water and without communication. Natalia learned about the loss of her mother the next day, when the "Save Ukraine" team evacuated the family. She found out when it seemed that the worst was over.

Natalia immediately went to her father, who was one on one with a loss in an unfamiliar city. So far, our volunteers have found temporary housing for the family in Kyiv region and we will continue to help them.