"Rockets and projectiles flew towards us from the forest,"

The russians prevented Artem from finishing the 2nd grade of the school in the Kharkiv region. The boy was constantly trembling when his village of Novoosinove was in the epicenter of hostilities. The biggest scare, which made Artem nervous, happened during the retreat of the invaders. Artemka's bright children's eyes saw a non-childish picture. The rocket hit very close, completely tearing apart the neighbor's house, and their windows were thrown out onto the street.

Soon grief also befell his grandmother Luda, who also lost her home. In her house during the occupation, Artem tried to calm down by playing with children's construction equipment and railway tracks. However, due to the explosion, the house was quickly engulfed in flames and left no place for cozy leisure.

"War is bad when there is shooting and bombing everywhere. It was very scary! When we ran to the basement, rockets and projectiles flew towards us from the forest," says a young schoolboy.

Artem was looking forward to the Ukrainian military and the liberation of the territories. When there was an opportunity to leave for a safe place, our volunteers came to help and evacuated the family to Kharkiv. On the way, we cheered up the boy by giving him our rescue backpack and a soft toy.

After dinner and rest, the family went to their relatives in Vinnytsia, but due to uncomfortable conditions, they moved to our Kyiv shelter for families.

Now Artem finally feels safe. He easily found friends in the new school and the teachers are happy with his academic success. When he grows up, the boy dreams most of all to become...a real adult. And now he is praying that all Ukrainians will be well.