Another family settled in our modular house under the Fort Home program !

Another family who lost their home due to a full-scale war is now meeting their new tomorrow in our modular house, as part of the "Fort Home" program!
The Matsyk family from Bucha barely survived the russian occupation of their town.

Parents with two adult sons, one of whom has a severe form of disability, hid from merciless shelling in a damp basement. They were scared, because there was an enemy tank near their house, which at any moment could direct its muzzle at the house.

One day, this same tank was hit by a rocket. Debris and a powerful shock wave damaged the home and the family found themselves under the rubble. In addition, the house began to burn...

Mother and youngest son received custody. They thought they would stay in that basement forever...Fortunately, the mother was able to catch the net and make a post on Facebook with a plea for help. Thanks to the neighbors, the family managed to get out from under the rubble, but with injuries.

They were miraculously evacuated on March 6.
The younger son Bohdan, who has a disability and uses a wheelchair, is a Paralympian, a chess champion. The coaches predicted a great future for the boy. But because of the war - the destruction of his favorite game board and a difficult psychological state - now Bohdan is not able to do his favorite thing.

Our team didn't stay away from the troubles of this family, and thanks to the support of our partners, we established a new home for the family with all the necessary conditions for life!

The modular house of the Matsyk family was created according to a special project, which ensures accessible and comfortable living in it for people with limited mobility and people with disabilities: it has a ramp, an extended bathroom, wide aisles, and the kitchen is specially equipped for a wheelchair.

We really want Bohdan to be able to regain his strength and mental balance in his new home and continue to do his life's work with inspiration. We are sure that we will hear more than once about the victories of this talented boy, despite the horror that he had to go through.