During the evacuation from the hellish Bakhmut.

In the photo, Oleksandr with his beloved cat named Masya during the evacuation from the hellish Bakhmut. The story of these two moved our entire team.

Once upon a time, when Alexander's adult son was still very small, a small cat appeared on his husband's doorstep. Oleksandr sheltered the furry one, and since then Masya has become a real family member for him.

A full-scale war began. The city shuddered from powerful bombings, but in that horror there was a place for friendship and care. "Even during heavy shelling, we run to the basement together," Oleksandr says.

One day the owner and his cat were outside when a Russian shell hit their house. It broke right in the apartment and only the wall saved the man from the worst.
"Then it shook very hard and the cat's health was shaken, because she is already old and was so scared," Oleksandr recalls with pain.

During the long months of the war, the man never thought of leaving Masya, because the cat is always with him, no matter what situation they find themselves in.

And the other day, our volunteers took Oleksandr and Masya out of danger to the Luhansk "Save Ukraine" hub.
They warmed up, ate and already headed to relatives in a safer region.