Husband and son went to the war

Husband and son of Mrs. Svitlana went to the war. Woman, her daughter-in-law and grandson decided to leave their hometown of Marhanets in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast because of constant enemy shelling.

The family had to live in the basement with the child for a long time, fear for the daughter-in-law and grandson pushed them to leave the city.

«We are grateful to the church in Sokal for sheltering us. For psychological and moral support. It is so calm and quiet here... Especially after the situation that we had - we were constantly afraid and went to spend the night in the basement with a small child. Because our city was under heavy shelling both night and day, we could not understand what to do.

When «Save Ukraine» offered us to evacuate, we left everything, packed quickly and left with your team.» - says Svitlana.

Now our partner hub in Lviv region, the charity organization «Новий подих», is takes care of this family. Soon the family will go abroad. But today they dream of returning home.