The family in the photo is from occupied Molochansk

The family in the photo is from occupied Molochansk, Zaporizhia region. Pregnant Tatiana and her four children are smiling because they have finally gotten out of danger.
To get to the territory which is controlled by Ukraine, they’ve been standing for 4 days on the road under the constant sounds of explosions. That’s because the rashists simply did not allow the cars to pass checkpoints.
Miraculously the family managed to escape and get to Zaporizhia. There they were sheltered at one of the partner hubs of our Center and
provided with the necessary assistance.
The woman remembers with horror what they had to go through: a city without doctors, medicines, and the opportunity to call an ambulance. The military is constantly walking with guns and the sounding of explosions. Food and money had run out.
They are very happy that they were able to get out because they’ve made several attempts to leave during all 3 months of occupation. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful.
Mother and children are safe in western Ukraine now. They are gradually recovering from their experiences, children are even sharing plans for the future: let the war is over and people do not suffer anymore.
We believe that very soon it will not be just a children’s dream, but a reality. But for now, we continue to work together for peace.
If you are in danger and need help, call the “Save Ukraine” hotline:
📞 0800 333 129