Rebuilding life: the Vedenin family

Meet the Vedenin family from the village of Gorenka in the Kyiv region. They built their dream home for 12 years, and the celebration of the new year in 2022 was the first holiday that the family met in their new home. Unfortunately, they spent few happy days there.

A month and a half later, the peaceful and picturesque village of Gorenka became the scene of hostilities in the Kyiv region, and the Vedenin family's house was on the line of defense.

The family spent many sleepless nights in a neighbor's basement due to incessant russian shelling. Father Oleksiy, together with a neighbor, had to strengthen the walls with beams, because the old basement could collapse at any moment.

In order to somehow sleep, seven-year-old Artem pulled a cap over his eyes and hoped that when he woke up, he would no longer hear the explosions. But it was most difficult for his 12-year-old sister Alina: the girl couldn't calm down and close her eyes in the midst of the surrounding hell.

At that time, the rashist's projectiles fell directly into the family's new house. So they lost all their property and...pets: cats and a faithful dog that had delighted the family for 15 years. Miraculously, only one furry friend survived - a dog named Alpha.

In addition, the family also lost their old house near Zhytomyr, which was shelled in the first days of the war.

The family managed to evacuate, and after the deoccupation of Kyiv region, they returned to their native, but almost destroyed, village. Despite the loss and pain, spent years and strength, the spouses Oleksii and Daria decided to rebuild the house!

Near their destroyed home, our team installed a comfortable modular house for the Vedenin family for a long-term housing. Now the parents will be able to work on rebuilding the home, and the children will be able to recover from what they experienced and continue distance learning in safety and comfort.

We believe that everything will work out for the Vedenin family and they will welcome more than one new year with the whole family in a rebuilt house. And we will help them with this.