Crushed my car like a frog

Crushed my car like a frog. Another half meter - and the tank would have been in the house" - Mr. Valentin recalls how the russian tank crew on tipping didn't leave a place in his rare car.

The event happened at the beginning of the war in the Kupyansk district.

The column of heavy equipment went non-stop for several days in the direction of Kharkiv. Suddenly, the night's sleep of the Rudnytskyi family was disturbed by the heavy equipment of the representatives of the 1st army in the world according to the level of alcohol in the blood.

The inebriated crew rammed the fence and the garage in reverse and crushed grandfather's favorite swallow in a can.

The man complains that under the hood was still the first battery of the Soviet model, almost 50 years ago, which had never failed. The grandfather planned to evacuate with his wife from the de-occupied Kupyan district in his car, until the russians ruined all plans for life.

The next morning, when the tankers sobered up and were about to drive on, Valentin's wife came to them with a question:

"Son, what are you doing?" And the soldier eloquently answered: "This is the war" and drove off.

It is symbolic that in the past, grandfather Valentin served in a tank repair company and literally hundreds of liters of lubricant went through his hands when servicing T-64 tanks. And now he himself suffered from the uncontrolled drivers of the same armored vehicles.

A month ago, the man's town was de-occupied, and Valentin saw fleeing russians leaving battered tanks and dirty pillows on the outskirts of the town. They were returning to a country where it is not accepted to be sober and clean.

Meanwhile, the neighbors gave Valentine an unexpected gift. They left him the keys to their car forever. That's how the man got to the crossing on it, where our volunteers were already waiting for him and his wife.

We took the couple to Kharkiv on an armored bus and saw the incredibly touching meeting of Valentin with his son, who had not seen his father since the beginning of the war.

Now the relatives will all live together in Odesa with expectations for an early victory.