Friends were kidnapped and tortured in prison

16-year-old Yehor from Kherson talks about the shocking actions of the rashists in the occupied city. For security reasons, the boy asked us not to show his face.

On May 9, the orcs kidnapped Yegor's friends and tortured them in the pre-trial detention center: they electrocuted him so hard that one of the boys' T-shirt caught fire... and he was only 17 years old. Others suffered broken ribs and damaged livers.

Yegor was interrogated by FSB officers, holding weapons at the ready. They broke into and ransacked the garages of civilians. And when they released the boy, they took four children for questioning, including a 10-year-old girl... These are the russian security officers. Rather, terrorism.

Yehor says that from the first days of the war, the region was bombed daily, and most often it came to Chornobayivka. "For the entire time of the occupation, I can already easily distinguish where the arrival or departure is, whether the aircraft is flying." - the boy says without exaggeration.

The teenager was about to finish his second year of college when the city was captured by the russians. That was the end of Yegor's education, and his mother had to spend all her savings on escaping with her son from the invader's cage. The woman worked hard since the beginning of the war to earn money to evacuate with her son, but the rashists took half of her salary.

Our volunteers from the Zaporizhia hub met the family already in the territory controlled by Ukraine and helped them book a bus to a safe place.