She left her life's calling because of the war

Kateryna from the Lyman city, in Donetsk region, worked as a railway conductor for half of her life, and now she and her family are forced to evacuate in the carriage in which she worked for many years.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the woman was involved in evacuating people by train throughout Ukraine. Kateryna's parents didn't want to leave their home until the last moment, but the woman managed to get her relatives out before the rashists destroyed the city.

The house of Kateryna and her large family was destroyed by three direct airstrikes... Now the family is heading to Germany so that the children will no longer hear the war. Barely holding back tears, Kateryna says that she has to leave her life's calling.

This is how war separates not only from relatives, from the land, but also from favorite professions. But the most important thing is that the family saved their lives and the future of their children. We believe - everything else will happen!