Before the evacuation rashists forced them to shake with fear

This is a family from Bakhmut: Vitalina and her two daughters - 8-year-old Veronika and 14-year-old Diana.

A day before the planned evacuation of the family, the rashists sent an enemy shell right next to their house and forced the mother and children to shake with fear and stay up all night. This is the first time that two sisters, Veronika and Diana, experienced the reality of the explosion so closely.

"We heard the arrival of shells every day. People are dying, houses are on fire, someone is constantly being found under the rubble or someone is blown up by a land mine," said the mother.

Before the war, Vitalina worked as a saleswoman in a store and studied part-time in Kramatorsk.
Her youngest daughter went to volleyball and dances, and her eldest daughter made her own toys, because she loves to knit. But all this was taken away by the Rashists.

For all three, education became impossible due to the lack of light in the city, it was scary to go outside because of shelling, and it was impossible to even dream of knitting materials.

The family survived that difficult night after the "arrival", and we evacuated them in the morning. Our volunteers gave the sisters rescue backpacks, which contain the necessary things for a comfortable move. The girls were happy and blossomed when they saw how much was inside.

Currently, the family is in a safe area, where they can return to normal life and their favorite activities!