Alina and her two children from the Kramatorsk district

In the photo - mother Alina and her two children from the town of Mykolaivka, Kramatorsk district.

Alina's youngest son wasn't even six months old when the war began.
For almost half of his life, the child heard the destruction of the world around him, instead of chirping birds and cheerful noise. And instead of the beauty of the city, he saw a gray basement and a wall in the corridor.

At some point, the family got tired of constantly running from the 5th floor to the storage room and hid in the corridor with only hope. Alina says that at first the children got used to sirens and explosions. Only later, they began to squeal and cover their ears.

The mother didn't complain about the lack of gas and communal conditions in the house with interruptions due to "arrivals". Probably because all this was insignificant compared to the fact that her children are alive.

However, the lack of contact with relatives who decided to stay in Donetsk region, despite the fact that their house was completely destroyed, turned out to be a difficult test. Alina worries that her grandchildren do not see their grandparents.

Every day the town became louder. The last straw in the decision to evacuate was the shelling of the kindergarten and gymnasium near the family's house. Then Alina turned to the "Save Ukraine" team to protect her children.

Volunteers evacuated the family to our Donetsk hub: provided them with food and pleasant entertainment in the children's room, and then took them by train to Dnipro.

It is very unfortunate when a family is separated due to unwillingness to evacuate from a war zone. Leaving home is painful, but we are convinced that it is worth it to save life!