A young family escaped from occupied Kherson

In the photo - a young family from Kherson: Kateryna, Leonid and their 1-year-old son Rostyslav. They are smiling and happy, because they finally got out of the occupied city, where they constantly felt a threat to their lives.

The war came close to Kateryna for the second time. Then, in 2014, she ran away from Donetsk as a teenager. And now, when the woman has her own family happiness in the new city, it was occupied by the Rashists.

Little Rostislav heard the sounds of explosions every day, because the family lived not far from Chornobayivka. Father Leonid was very worried about his son and wife. But it was scary for the family to get out of the city alone, and the services of the carrier were too expensive.

However, they still ventured on this "trip". It was a grueling 20-hour journey with checkpoints at every checkpoint. Finally, volunteers from one of our hubs met the family in Zaporizhzhia: they provided temporary shelter, fed them and later put them on a train to Odessa.

Already in a safe area, Leonid told his son about the events that they managed to survive, and the kid listened carefully with a serious face.

Recently, a family sent us appreciative feedback. Thank you and we wish you safety!