She took care of hamsters during the bombing of Mariupol

At 11, Eve knows what war is. Together with her mother Irina, she experienced hellish events in Mariupol, a city that was 90% destroyed by the rashists. A city where three minutes equates to 30 years of life.

"We were walking home from my grandmother. And as we were walking near the hospital, an air bomb came right next to us." - here are the childhood memories of Eve.

Despite all the horror, the girl took care not only of herself and her mother, but also protected her friends - two hamsters. Eve took them with her everywhere. And every time, to the sound of explosions, the girl ran to the basement with hamsters.

They were able to evacuate only in June. After the experience, Eva's mother had a stroke. Our volunteers promptly provided medical care - now Irina is fine. In Zaporizhia, we provided housing for the girls, and later they went to Lviv by train.

Usually, children dream of getting into a fairy tale or meeting with superheroes, and Eva wants to buy 2 more hamsters and return to her friends in her city, where there will be light and hot water.

Do not delay the evacuation, contact the free hotline "Save Ukraine":

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