Avdiivka: evacuation of civilians

We share the latest photos of the evacuation of civilians from Avdiivka.

In the photo, the townspeople and our volunteers are still there, in danger, among the damaged houses with broken windows and black walls from the arrivals. These arrivals of rashists shells were also heard during the evacuation.

A little girl in one of the photos, all the way to safety, tightly hugged her big bear, like a lifeline. It was very difficult and scary for the child to leave.

But our volunteers have a valuable ability to smile and find the right words in difficult situations - they distracted the girl with stories so that the child felt supported. And then the whole bus plunged into music therapy until they got to one of our partner hubs.

Already now, the Ukrainians we managed to take out are full and finally can sleep peacefully! And tomorrow will be a new day and it will be better.

We call on all residents who are still in hot spots to evacuate and save their lives!