They were on the front line

"I see that the school is all crushed. The school is gone. Well, it is still standing, but the roof is crushed. I miss it very much... I saw the russians. They were on the highway, on tanks, on APCs, on military vehicles. I was afraid that they would shoot us." these are the memories of 10-year-old David from the liberated Kharkiv region.

Before the start of a full-scale war, the boy had a carefree life: he was fond of football and created his own TikTok channel.

From the bombings, David hid in a storeroom with his mother, Maryna, and his 5-year-old sister, Eva. And when the liberation of the territory began, the family found shelter with their grandmother: she lives in the village, 7 kilometers away. The only thing that saved them that grandmother took care of stocks and canning for several seasons.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian troops were liberating the territories and the front line ended up right in their city. One day, a russian shell fell next to David's house and left the house without windows.

"The biggest dream is for the war to end," are David's words, which our volunteers hear so often from many children.

Fleeing from danger, the family quickly packed an alarming suitcase and waited in a storage room, where rescuers from "Save Ukraine" later visited. We evacuated the family to a safer place and gave David and Eva rescue backpacks. The children were delighted with their filling and didn't part with the backpacks until the end of the trip.

Now the family will finally not hear constant explosions, and David will finally return to his studies and creative hobbies.