Little Anastasia is only 7 days old.

Little Anastasia is only 7 days old. Its weight is 3,710 kg. And she is a child of war.

The girl's mother spent the entire pregnancy in Lyman, in Donetsk region. While waiting for the birth of her daughter, Tatyana survived the capture of her hometown by russian troops, and then its deoccupation. From shelling, the woman hid the still-unborn Anastasia in the basement of a neighbor's house.

Unfortunately, Tatiana couldn't give birth to her daughter in the maternity hospital, because there was no one to take her there. So, the girl was born in a hospital in Sloviansk.
Recently, our team managed to evacuate a family to Pokrovsk, and right now they are going to our Kyiv "Center of Hope and Recovery"!

There, mother and daughter will be provided with all necessary help and support.

Little Anastasia's health is fine now. She is ready for the longest journey in her life - the girl has 750 kilometers ahead of her to safety and a more peaceful childhood🙏