They came under fire after helping the wounded

The peaceful life of Maryna and her family from Kharkiv ended on February 24, when Rashish rockets began to hit their city. The woman and her brother Volodymyr found out that Ukrainian defenders need blood donors and, as conscientious citizens, decided to help.

The brother and sister went to the Blood Center. Having done a good deed, they were just leaving the building when the shelling began. People who came to save lives found themselves in danger. Marina and Volodymyr received serious shrapnel wounds, and the ambulance was able to hospitalize them only after some time.

Volodymyr died in 2 days. And Maryna has shrapnel wounds on both legs: she has already undergone two operations and still needs medical assistance. Our volunteers from the Kharkiv hub evacuated Marina and her family to Lviv and are in contact with them.

A history full of injustice...just like war itself.
We should know and remember every person-hero who protected the lives of Ukrainians, at the cost of his own. A man whose actions were based on conscience and dignity in this unworthy war.