Forced to flee her native home

On the eve of her 95th birthday, Nadiya Andriivna from Bakhmut was forced to flee her native home due to unbearable shelling, which the old woman endured to the last.

Mrs. Nadiya is an extraordinary person and has seen a lot in her life. The woman participated in the construction of many facilities in Artemivsk and children's camps in Sviatohirsk.

81 years ago, as a girl, Nadiya Andriivna ran away from the Nazis - she had to cover 20 kilometers on foot through swampy terrain just to return home. To the place where she was driven out by russian bullets today.

Remembering the times of the World War II, the grandmother says that there was no such war as now. After all, now the rashists are brutally killing the unarmed civilian population.

Because of her illness, the grandmother couldn't even hide in the basement, so relatives arranged a corner for Nadiya Andriivna, fencing off her bed with cabinets. During the shelling of Bakhmut, the old woman covered herself with blankets and a fur coat to save herself from the shrapnel flying around.

We evacuated the grandmother and her family to our partner hub in the city of Dnipro - the "Peremoga" church. Here, volunteers provided Mrs. Nadiya with shelter, food and clothes. Next, the family plans to go to Kropyvnytskyi.