I had a dream about our Victory - Yana, 5 years

"I dreamed today that we won" - Yana, 5 years old.

Sisters Yana and Olesya from Melitopol should have seen happy parents, the blue surface of the estuary, bright ice cream and toys. Instead, the occupiers gave them references to explosions outside the window and a burning helicopter falling.

The girls, together with their mother Olena, were forced to leave their home due to a constant feeling of danger. Children talk in very mature language about life in the controlled territory... About terrible prices, loud explosions.

The sisters take a guinea pig with them. According to them, it is also difficult for her to leave home and adapt to a new life. Girls worry about their pet like a third sister.

Despite what Yana and Olesya had to go through, they have bright dreams about our victory - because they cheer for it with all their hearts.
After the war, the sisters really dream of going to our Crimea on the sea! And also, just go to school.

Volunteers of the Zaporizhzhia hub provided the family with shelter, and then put them on a train to a safe place.