We survived thanks to armored transport

Vira (9) and Mykola (12) from Siversk had just gotten into our armored bus when 2 landmines exploded 30 meters from them.

During the evacuation of the family, a russian drone tracked the position of our transport and dropped explosives directly above us. The children, their parents and our rescuers from the Luhansk hub miraculously escaped a direct hit and any injuries.

That morning, mother Iryna met us with tears in her eyes: "Thank God! We were waiting for you!" Every day for a year, the woman was in fear for the lives of her children, and today the family was finally supposed to be safe.

All this time, Vera and Mykola hid in the basement from the russian shelling and only occasionally peeked out into the street to breathe air and see the sky. But every time the brother and sister saw how their own yard was "seeded" with pieces of shells, instead of their favorite flowers. And the city in which they were born turned into ruins with each new hit.

"There were rockets hitting our city, hitting near our house, we were sitting with our children in the basement. And all this time we thought that the war was about to end. But on the contrary, it was getting closer and closer to our home. The shelling of the city became constant, it became impossible to live. " - said Iryna.

One day, a woman and her husband realized that they had waited too long - they needed to save the children urgently. One can only imagine the horror of the parents when the russians almost took/mutilated the lives of Mykola and Vera at the last moment.

It's happiness that the family was in an armored special vehicle. It's happiness that we were on the move and in a hurry to get the children out of the hot spot. It is happiness that everyone survived.

Our team thanks everyone who provides transport to the Save Ukraine rescue network and raises funds for it! This is how you help us save innocent children's lives.