Children make significant progress in intellectual and emotional development

The education system in our day centers for orphans is not just a random set of educational programs and games to pass the time for the little ones. This is a whole children's world, thought out to the smallest detail, in which our wards acquire knowledge and skills through play and interaction with each other.

In previous posts, we have already talked about tablets with "Smart" programs and an interactive floor, which our teachers use to develop children, they made in our centers with the support of our partners We Are All Ukrainians та RTL - Wir helfen Kindern - Spendenmarathon.

But today we have one more effective tool for learning - board games from "Smarties". Tools perfectly develop logic, memory, and attention, and also pump up the child's skills. And the main thing is that children delight in it.

"Square in a row" is a logic game from "Smarties", in which players have to make squares of four identical shapes. The game develops spatial thinking, attention, and memory.

"Reader" is a game from "Smarties" on the speed of reading and understanding the text. Players must quickly find the answer to the question in the text on the card. Develops reading, speaking, and logic skills.

"Compose syllables" is a game about forming words from letters. Players must make as many words as possible from the letters on the cards. The game from"Smarties" develops vocabulary, spelling, and imagination.

"Empire of Numbers" is a game about solving arithmetic problems. Players must quickly calculate the result of the example on the card and find it among the numbers on the board. The game from "Smarties" develops the skills of verbal calculation, concentration, and reaction.

Make’n’Break Compact — is an exciting game where players have to build and destroy structures from colored wooden blocks. The game develops spatial thinking, speed, and coordination.

Thanks to modern educational tools used by teachers in our 12 centers, children make significant progress in intellectual and emotional development. Our little visitors have become more focused, more keen on learning, and delighted about their own success in it. This is confirmed by their school teachers.