He left Azovstal a week before the war

This is the story of a family from Soledar, in Donetsk region: Anton, his wife Irina, and their three children.

For the past year and a half, Anton has been working in Mariupol as a gas cutter at the Azovstal plant as part of a repair crew. The man told this fact at the end of the interview, which shocked our volunteers.

It turned out that literally a week before the start of a full-scale war, Anton decided to take a vacation and returned to his family. Already now he understands that that vacation saved him from possible russian capture, or even death.

But the war overtook Anton's family at home as well. Two enemy shells hit their house right away. At that time, the family was hiding in the basement, but Anton's mother remained at home... The fragment caught the woman's ear and aimed at the phone she was talking on. Grandma miraculously survived, but now has a concussion.

The family house, in which Anton lived from the age of one, was completely destroyed. And arrivals in Soledar continue every day. "I was pulling until the end, I was hoping, but it's impossible to stay here any longer," sighs Anton.

Our team evacuated the family to Pokrovsk, where volunteers of the "Save Ukraine" partner hub provided them with all the necessary assistance and put them on a train to another city. We continue to care for and maintain contact with this family.