Happy New year!

It was a year full of pain and at the same time powerful spirit of Ukrainians, which impressed not only the whole world, but also ourselves.

In sports, the state of going beyond one's capabilities is called "second breath". We, Ukrainians, discovered the 331st breath within us for every day of full-scale war and realized that nothing is impossible for us.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, we "resurrected" every day and continued to fight, work, volunteer and bring our Freedom closer!

In 2022, our large team rescued about 78,000 civilians from war zones, provided food to more than 104,000 people, and another 87,000 Ukrainians received psychological, medical and legal assistance from our hotline operators.

We promise that we will continue to stand firmly on our front in 2023!

We wish you and your loved ones good health and steadfast faith.
May the New Year bring the long-awaited Victory!

Thank you to the Ukrainian defenders who fight for our freedom and independence🇺🇦