Told relatives from russia: "I am Ukraine"

73-year-old Antonina Hryhorivna was born in russia. There, the grandmother had many relatives, but since the beginning of the war, she has bad relations with them. In rare conversations with her relatives, Ms. Antonina confidently uttered the same phrase: "I am Ukraine."

The woman lived her entire adult life in the city of Energodar, Zaporizhzhia region, where she worked at the NPP. Antonina's husband died a long time ago and since then she lived alone. Grandma stuck to her job to the last, even amid shelling and noisy airstrikes. However, after the occupation of the city, life became unbearable:

"For 2-3 days, people in Energodar can sit without water and without electricity. They burn bonfires on the streets and prepare food anyway."

The grandmother decided to go to her son in Odessa and found kind people who agreed to take the pensioner away for free! But a terrible sight awaited Mrs. Antonin at the rashist's checkpoint.

In the departure column, the occupiers stopped a car in which there was a family with children. They drove them with their belongings straight to the track and took their car for themselves.

Our volunteers from the Zaporizhia hub met Ms. Antonina in the territory controlled by Ukraine: they provided shelter in the hub, fed her and helped the grandmother to go by train to her son.

We are very glad that Ms. Antonina is finally safe and not alone. We hope that soon the grandmother will be able to return home, like thousands of elderly people who were forced to flee their hometowns.

If your relatives need evacuation, call our hotline with the support of USAID Ukraine:

0 800 333 129