He lost his daughter due to rocket fire at Kramatorsk station

On April 8, Dmytro lost his daughter due to the same rocket attack on the Kramatorsk railway station. Nastya was 23 years old.

The man was at work when his wife and daughter hurried to the train to Poltava. Lera, Dmytro's other daughter, was waiting for them there. Nastya's mother was walking behind her, and those few meters maybe saved the woman's life.

"When the rocket was flying, someone shouted, 'Lie down!' The wife immediately fell. And when she got up after the explosion, she saw that Nastya was gone. She was crushed by debris." - barely holding back tears, says Dmitry.

Our volunteers from the Dnieper Hub met Dmytro in the church, where the man came for help. Despite the death of his daughter, Dmitry believes that God exists and he guides. But people make their own choices and are ultimately responsible for them. We are grateful to Dmitry for the courage to share his story. Honestly, we are still heartbroken by this story.

Do not delay with the evacuation, call the "Save Ukraine" hotline with the support of USAID Ukraine: 0 800 333 129