Chronicle of the evacuation from the "hot" east

We continue to show you photos taken during the evacuation by our team of Ukrainians from the east.

This time from Avdiyivka, Sloviansk, Soledar, still unoccupied Lysychansk... We call these cities war zones, but for the people in the photo, they have another name - home. Even if, in fact, this house no longer exists.

Every day, our volunteers go to hot spots to save families with children, elderly and disabled people and their pets. Often under bullets. Always in life-threatening conditions.

We see the wounded and the miraculous survivors. We see tears, smiles and pain in the eyes. Every Ukrainian in these photos lost something because of the war: a home, health, a loved one, a happy childhood... But he kept his life. And for us, this is the highest value.

War, it is not where the shots are heard today, it is in the heart of every Ukrainian. Therefore, as a whole, we must respond to the misfortune of an individual person who suffered today because of the rashists, so that tomorrow, just as together, we can rejoice in Victory.

We emphasize the importance of evacuation from dangerous regions and will do everything in our power to get you to safety and provide the necessary assistance!