While 4 daughters are waiting for the father, he saves people under fire

In the photo - 35-year-old Pavlo, an extraordinary volunteer of "Save Ukraine"! Previously, Pasha worked as a construction worker. He could not even imagine that soon he would have to work in the ruins not to create comfort and coziness for people, but to save their lives.

However, because of the war, this is exactly what happened. Now Pavlo is evacuating people from under shelling. This is a dangerous and responsible job. Moreover, the man has someone to lose: his wife and 4 daughters are waiting for him at home.

Even at the beginning of the war, Pasha united drivers to take Ukrainians out of hot spots. He also took food packages to places that were partially occupied or located near the front line: Chuguiev, Okhtyrka, northern Saltivka - frequent locations for Pavel's rescue operations.

Now, in addition to evacuating Ukrainians, the man delivers food packages to people with limited mobility who cannot pick them up on their own and to places where people cannot buy food.

The volunteer deeply believes in the victory of Ukraine and persistently prays for it every day.

We thank Pavel for his extraordinary work, for every brave trip to the mouth of danger, for every saved life! We really want peace to come soon and Pasha to be reunited with his daughters and family.