Give light to children

Our joint charity campaign with PrivatBank continues, and each of you can still join the fundraising for children orphaned by the war. Their parents were killed by enemy bullets at the front, at home, and during the performance of official duties.

Our common purpose is to collect 35 million UAH. With these funds, we’ll buy "safety and development" backpacks for children, which will allow them to evolve even in the face of war. Bring a piece of light and hope into their lives.

Each backpack will contain a tablet with the "Smart" software. This is a program of educational games that contains more than 17 thousand interactive tasks. With "Smart" children learn by playing, so they learn the educational material better.

Additional advantages of the “Smart” software:
  • Non-trivial cartoon tasks that are interesting to solve;
  • You don't need to stand over the child - they do everything on their own, because, again, it's really interesting to her;
  • Instant check of results - the little one immediately sees their mistakes, and this motivates them not to make assumptions.

You can support a charitable event and give children a chance for a happy future: