They took his father and then his home

The Russians dug a trench and set up a position in the yard of 3-year-old Bohdan, then took his father away for torture, and later shelled the house. The boy saw how Russian soldiers walked the streets of his hometown and shot from guns for laughs.

Trials for the Vasylenko family from the village of Tyaginky, in the Kherson region, began immediately - from the beginning of the occupation. The Russian military quickly noticed a convenient place for long-term defense: they dug a hole in the yard next to the house, covered it with a concrete slab and filled it with additional clay.

Bohdan's family did not accept the power of the occupier, father Vladyslav immediately proclaimed: "You will be finished when ours come." For his pro-Ukrainian views, the Russians tied him up in his house at 6 in the morning, pulled a bag over his head, dragged him along the ground to a car and took him to Kakhovka to die. There were up to 15 Ukrainians in Vladyslav's cell. All were tortured with electric shockers, beaten with sticks, hands and feet. The man remembered that it was the Buryats who were mocking him.

At that time, the Russian military went in search of relatives - now their target was little Bohdan and his mother. Vladyslav hid his wife Anastasia, son and grandfather away in advance, because he was afraid that they would be persecuted. Fortunately, the Russians never found them. And when they saw the grandfather, they even shot at him, but didn't hit. Finally, Bohdan's father was released from prison: there was almost no living space on him due to bruises and hematomas.

After liberating the territory from the Russians, they took revenge with two attacks on the family. The first shell landed not far from the house, and the second one hit the house directly. At that moment, the family quickly ran in the direction of their relatives, because they have a cellar. They ran to the middle of the street and heard an explosion. Windows and doors were broken, iron fragments flew into the house, and the neighboring wall was demolished by the blast wave. It was a miracle that no one was hurt.

Due to the loss of their home and the increased risk, the Vasylenko family turned to the "Save Ukraine" rescue network for help. Our volunteers evacuated the family to Mykolaiv, where relatives were already waiting for them. Currently, the family has issued payments for IDPs, and Vladyslav is already looking for a job. We believe that in relative safety, little Bohdan will be able to recover as soon as possible. However, the memories of the horrors experienced will, unfortunately, remain with the boy forever.