Successful investment in the bright future of our country

All educational technologies and methods that we use in our day centers for orphans are a successful investment in the bright future of our country.

The interactive floor, tablets with the "Smarties" software, and board games immediately became indispensable assistants for our teachers. Thanks to these modern tools, our children have fascinating and meaningful classes that develop imagination, logic, memory, and attention.

Gadgets make learning the alphabet, numbers, and colors, and solving complex tasks easier. After all, with interactive games and exercises, children better focus on the learning process and learn new knowledge with pleasure.

The psychological state of children improves thanks to exercises, interesting master classes, and art therapy. These methods relieve lingering tension, overcome stress, and make children more open to the outside world.

All this has a good effect on the general development of children who survived shelling, months of life in bomb shelters, and the loss of their closest relatives. Today, it is significant to bring them back to childhood so that they can grow up to be delighted adults who will build a new cheerful country.

We thank our partners We Are All Ukrainians and RTL - Wir helfen Kindern - Spendenmarathon for their support and the opportunity to help children step towards a bright future.